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The global financial crisis

Every day we seem to hear more news about banks and their outrageous, if not criminal acts in manipulating interest rates for their own gains. Barclays have been fined, but this is a story with a long way to go yet. Many other banks will have been guilty of using the same tactics, all designed to maximise their profits. Now, if we acted in the same way with our personal finances, or business finances, we would certainly be faced with criminal charges. How far up ... Read more

What is happening in Europe?

We operate in many countries in Europe and the Middle East/North Africa and the financial implications of what might happen in Europe are high on the agenda. Greece has no government with a mandate, and what will their future entail? Euro or non euro? Now that France has elected a “non austerity” government, how will that affect the financial plans agreed with Germany? A pledge to spend more and borrow more will put France in direct conflict with Germany over what has been previously agreed. All ... Read more
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