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Cornerstone International – Annual meeting

As I write this blog I am on my way to China to meet with my Cornerstone International Group colleagues in Shanghai. This is an annual meeting of the members, we rotate locations each year between Europe, Asia and America. This is a dynamic group of people with many years of international business experience. It’s a great opportunity to share good practice, and to open up new opportunities. Our growth over the last 10 years is partly due to the interaction between Cornerstone International Group ... Read more

Talent Management

What is Talent Management? The term is often used and most managers don't really understand what it means. Ask 5 different CEO's the same question, and you will get 5 different answers. The same might be true of other phrases and sayings bandied about the boardroom, we get drawn in to the "management speak" without fully understanding the definition. I expect if you take any specialist area you will have the same issues. I can recall a consultant psychiatrist telling me he was often ... Read more
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