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HR Due Diligence

We at Auxilium Cornerstone offer an innovative and ethical recruitment service

which creates a working partnership between our staff and clients, a dialogue which results in an effective, individual solution to the requirements of each managerial appointment.

As a group we pride ourselves on treating everyone with respect and dignity in all our dealings. We wish to demonstrate ethical principles in our relationships with our employees who represent us, and with our clients, candidates and suppliers.

In addition to our recruitment services, our European team of experienced consultants offer expertise in the following areas of HR strategic consulting:


Auxilium Cornerstone Global Reach Contacts

Auxilium Cornerstone Europe Contacts




At Auxilium we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding tailored business solutions. We have built up a diverse and enviable track record internationally. We prefer to let our results speak for themselves as expresses through our satisfied clients:

Recent Assignments

Marketing Director – EMEA

Business Development Manager

European Business Development Manager

Finance Director

European Product Manager

UK Sales Manager

Area Sales Managers

HR Director

Sales & Marketing Director

Head of Business Services

Head of Global Specification Sales

U K Sales Manager

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Engineer

VP European Operations

Sector Director and Senior Economist

General Managers

Maintenance Manager

Purchasing Manager

Project Engineer

Quality Manager

Managing Director

Account Managers and Sales Specialists

Business Development Manager

Finance Director, Transport Manager

Business Managers

Business Managers

European Human Resources manager

Managing Director – Europe

Recent Assignments

Coatings Industry

Marine Technology Industry

High Tech R&D Solutions

Building Design Studios

Speciality Chemicals

Construction Sector

Construction Sector

Higher Education

Marine Engineering

Professional Services

Technology Sector

U S Building products Manufacturer

Major Food Group

Major Food Group

U.S. High Tech Explosives Detection Systems supplier.

Public Sector

French, Italian, Spanish, Far Eastern, German and Czech subsidiaries of major

International Manufacturer.

International Manufacturer.

International Manufacturer.

International Manufacturer.

UK operation of Major Telecommunications Company.

Global Technology leader.

International Building Products Company.

Transport and Distribution Company.

Automobile Manufacturer

High Street Bank




About Cornerstone International Group

The heart and soul of Cornerstone is maximizing service to client organizations. Their primary core competency is retained executive search—evaluating internal and external leadership to optimize the harmony and performance of clients. To complement this retained executive search service, they have supplemented Cornerstone with other core competences that clients have recommended as “best of breed” (see below):

  • Board Assessment & Board Search.
  • Executive Onboarding.
  • Audits of Existing Management.
  • Outplacement (totally separate from search division)
  • Compensation & Benefits.
  • Leadership Appraisal for Mergers/Acquisitions.
  • Organizational Development & Training.
  • Diversity Search & Consulting (Board & Executive Levels).
  • Interim Management.
  • Succession Planning (Board and Executive Levels).
  • Executive Coaching.
  • Outsourcing Pre-Screened World-Class Consultants




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If you represent an organization that requires our services we would be delighted to hear from you via telephone, email, or regular mail. Our International contact details are:

Head Office
Alan Kneale, Managing Director.
Stirling House
PO Box 20
L19 0QS
Contact info
Tel: +44 151 650 8527
Fax: +44 151 601 4777

Email: europe@auxilium-cornerstone.com

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